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What is the obsession with Brandy Melville?

Caitlin Wang, Writer

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By now, most young teenage girls have heard of the female clothing store Brandy Melville. It has taken the 21st century by a storm. Now, you may be asking yourself, what’s the obsession with these simple, non-unique pieces of clothing? After all, there is a reason.

First off, the trendy store has almost 4 million followers on the big social media platform, Instagram. The Instagram page displays their beautiful models showing off their basic clothing, which may inspire young girls in many different ways. These young girls may strive to be just like these models, buying the same outfits they see in a simple picture. Brandy Melville purposefully fills their page with high-quality “instagrammable” pictures to catch the attention of juveniles.

At last, the clothes. Brandy Melville’s clothes are quite soft, or at least their t-shirts are. These simple tees with occasionally a small embroidery, are comfortable and cute all in one. Yet, you can’t count on seeing 3 other girls at school wearing the same shirt. The tube and off-the-shoulder tops sold from the store are a completely different story. These are extremely cute pieces of clothing, but can get uncomfortable. It is reasonable to infer that teens wear these pieces to be stylish or make a fashion statement. Brightly colored patterns are not exactly “in” right now, which is another reason Brandy Melville is so popular. Simple clothes made in one-size can make shopping easier and make a person look “effortless.”

I have seen firsthand other brands having similar clothing items as Brandy Melville. This may be another reason young teenage girls choose to shop at the store. Afraid of buying a knockoff clothing item, girls settle for the brand itself. Brandy Melville often sets fashion trends, which is why the brand has gotten so popular.

The pricing of their clothes is quite reasonable. People may argue otherwise, but 15 dollars for a t-shirt with occasional sales is a pretty good deal. Dresses and sweatshirts range from 30 to 40 dollars, which is still affordable, but on the pricier side. However, the brand is quite affordable and not extreme.

In conclusion, Brandy Melville has many upsides to their brand. Affordable prices, soft clothing, trend-setting items, what’s not to love? The brand is quite controversial, but for the most part, its clothes are mostly good quality items. Hopefully you will hop on this trend and choose to walk into Brandy Melville the next time you pass by it.

Photo courtesy of HUFFINGTONPOST.COM

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What is the obsession with Brandy Melville?