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Notes: Written Or Typed?

Josie Chen, Staff Writer

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As the world continues to globalize and modernize, life only becomes busier with each passing day. With such an active lifestyle, it is undoubtedly hard to keep track of every single little thing throughout the day. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to help us keep track of everything and stay organized such as technology, pictures, and the classic—notes. The question is, which is better: written or typed notes?

Old-school written notes have a variety of different characteristics. Although commonly heard of, the idea of written notes leading to better memorization is still questioned today. A professor at the Dominican University of California conducted an experiment where he told people to set some goals. He found that people who actually wrote down their goals were 33% more likely to achieve them compared to others who simply thought of their goals, showing that indeed, there is a link between memorization and writing. According to Dr. Virginia Berniger, who studies reading and its relationship to learning processes, this is because writing requires the physical formation of letters, numbers, and symbols, leading to an engagement of the brain, in contrast to simply pressing keys on a laptop. However, a huge disadvantage to written notes is that physically writing information down is much slower than typing, which causes a problem in stressful situations with set time limits, such as a lecture or test. An exception to this dilemma is math because it is much easier to simply write out the numbers and symbols rather than spend time trying to form them on a computer.

On the other hand, typed notes also have their own pros and cons. It is a given that typed notes are more convenient than written notes, with the ability to easily add in, delete, or highlight new information at any time. Typed notes are well-organized with set margins, lined-up bullet points, and customizable features such as fonts and font size. Even better, with typed notes being a form of technology, they are easily accessible and portable. Sophomore Jenny Namkoong says, “I would use typed notes because… sometimes, my writing can get sloppy when I am rushed, but with typing, you have everything clear in the exact font you want. Plus, if I use Google Drive, it is always with me on my phone.” Unfortunately, a major downside to typed notes being in a digitalized format is that it can also become very tedious at times. The computers need to be constantly charged, so if the devices do not have sufficient battery or are not brought along, it may lead to many complications.

All in all, both written and typed notes have their advantages and disadvantages. While one form of notes may be more beneficial in a certain situation, it may be lacking in another. Therefore, it is up to the individual to decide which format is more suitable for them.



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Notes: Written Or Typed?