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The Importance of Doing Homework

Michelle Lee, Staff Writer

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When a teacher gives homework but does not check it, is it actually homework? If it’s not checked, many students may think that they aren’t required to do the work. However, there are many reasons why doing homework is beneficial to students.

To begin with, homework reviews the concepts taught in class and can act as test preparation because test questions are often similar to the homework. Doing homework also provides a solid grasp of the concepts. Many teachers only cover the main points of a lesson during class due to time constraints and often leave out portions of the lesson that are found in the textbook. Homework will allow students to gain an understanding of the omitted materials. Without homework reinforcing class materials, students may find class increasingly difficult as concepts become harder to understand.

Another benefit of homework is that it improves work ethic. Because teachers do not follow students home and constantly monitor their work habits, students need to independently monitor and improve their own work ethic. Doing homework can improve work ethic because it teaches students to complete tasks on time. Having good work ethic can allow students become successful in life such as when finding jobs.

It is always beneficial to develop the habit of completing assignments on time. Besides, the teachers might just change their minds and decide that they will check the homework in a few days. Therefore, do your homework!

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The Importance of Doing Homework