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Dear Future Me

Natalie Samadi, Staff Writer

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Dear Future Me,

It is currently 9:18 p.m. as we speak. I am sitting at my desk with Brownie by my side, just wondering how you’ve been. You seemed to be doing well in the beginning of the year, but how about now, as we come to an end?

I hope you have become the 4.0 loving student that you were many years ago, before you discovered procrastination and the immersive universe of Netflix. Is The Vampire Diaries still your favorite show? Or have you moved on to Netflix Originals?

I hope you still enjoy the hobbies you have today. Do you still enjoy the sharp pounding of a needle weaving through cloth? How about badminton? Do you still relish in the feeling of a shuttlecock being hit back and forth?

I hope you’ve held on to the good memories you’ve created throughout high school, from the hot afternoons you would spend walking home with friends to “study” dates that didn’t include much studying and instead consisted of laughter. Although they didn’t and can’t last forever, I know they’ll always make you happy inside and out.

I hope you’ve finally decided what you want to get a degree in. Is it business like the rest of your family? Or are you creating your own path towards another passion? Although you’re convinced that you still have a generous amount of time to think about college, applications are coming right around the corner, waiting to attack you with an endless amount of stress.

I hope you still enjoy the most minute things in life, from the feeling of curling up on a cold bed—truly the best feeling—to the pointless, silly inside jokes between you and your friends.

Lastly, I hope that you’re happy with who you are now. Don’t worry too much about life while trying to make perfection a reality. 20 years from now, everything that currently bothers you will be nonexistent. Although you already acknowledge this, you need to engrave it in your life. Hang loose and continue to be yourself—there is a plan for everyone.

Yours Truly,
Your 16-year-old self

Graphic Courtesy of JENNIFER QI

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The World Is Our Campus
Dear Future Me