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Thank You, Teachers

Kaitlin Lee, Staff Writer

When I was a wee little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. I wished to have the plain yet warm, inviting aura and the near-omniscience of the perfect teacher. Over time I realized that I most likely wasn’t suited to be a teacher or even a mentor in general (cough cough Peer Tutoring) but I still have the greatest amount of respect for all of the amazing, hardworking teachers in the world.

Firstly, teachers have to deal with the fact that they already have bad reputations. In movies, especially those for kids, teachers are represented as sticks-in-the-mud and old curmudgeons, or people who just hate their job, when in reality they can be the most passionate workers out there.

As I have already learned, teaching one person in a subject is hard enough, but add to the fact that you have to teach about 200 students each day, ensure that they all become proficient in said subject, and that you’re now considered an expert in the subject adds to the difficulty of teaching. It tests your patience and willpower to constantly deal with young people and to make sure that they are ready for the upcoming finals or standardized tests. Speaking of which…

There’s also the pressure that teachers may be considered “low-performing” or fired because of the low grades that their students pull in because of the No Child Left Behind Act from 2001. Teachers struggle on deciding whether they should focus on fun and actually teach while risking their jobs or focus on teaching their students in a way that will easily prepare them for the standardized tests (“teaching by the test”) while risking losing a friendly bond with their students.

And yet, from my experience, I’ve had various teachers who were still engaging while educational, and they helped prepare me for my standardized tests. The teachers who’ve left a great impression on me, the ones I can still vividly recall, and the ones I can still recall what they’ve taught me, are the ones that put in so much effort. I had one of these teachers in the form of my sixth-grade math and science teacher. Math and science were the best part of the day for me, which was surprising considering I despise both subjects. But because of my teacher’s humor and personality, it transformed into a class where I could have fun while being educated. It was really the class that encouraged me to become more involved with my studies and to improve my grades.

Teachers are truly the best government workers there are. They are both mentor and authority figures, but the best ones manage to leave more than just that. Amazing teachers leave their messages and lessons to resonate in the minds of their students. They may not teach for their entire life, but their hard work and lessons will continue to be taught and shared through the students they have impacted in their lives.

So this month, take the time to thank a teacher in your life. Thank them for all of the hard work and all of the time they have put into helping their students. Oh, and also, when summer break begins, make sure to wish them a happy summer break. They truly deserve it.

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Thank You, Teachers