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A Classic Remade

Tiffany Chen, Editor

Disney has been releasing iconic movies since 1938, so generations of children have grown up watching these. Movies like Mulan and Beauty and the Beast contain catchy songs such as, “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” and “Be Our Guest”, which remind people of their childhood and their love for the movie themselves. In 2014, Maleficentwas released as a remake of the original 1959 version of Sleeping Beauty. The movie was highly praised and popular, which inspired Walt Disney Studios to create more remakes and sequels to the classics.

While the classics are mostly animated, the new versions are mostly live action and are told from different perspectives. The new storylines are more intricate and detailed, so they also answer some of the questions people have for the older movies. In Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is seen as the evil fairy but it is not explained why. The Maleficent reveals how she is actually innocent and that King Stefan, Aurora’s father, is the real villain. The first movie was a damsel in distress rescue mission whereas the newer adaptation is about betrayal and love. People are intrigued with the remake due to the fact that it is more relatable, as opposed to being saved by a prince, which is just a dream that many wish for. This film has brought in more than $750 million, making it a massive success for Disney.

The new renditions have not been the only things that have been attracting new and old movie fans. Disney has many sequels out and on the way for movies. For example, the movie Finding Dory is one for Finding Nemo. Ellen DeGeneres played the role of Dory, the lovable and forgetful side character in the original film. Many fans of the film loved Dory and with the sequel focusing around Dory and her backstory, it brought not only fans of the older movie but the new generation of kids. Disney uses old movies that already have a big fan base and base the new movies around a character that didn’t partake in the film as much as the main character.

New movie concepts and storylines take years to develop and make, especially starting from scratch. The making of new movies is very time-consuming and takes lots of effort. While it would also be easier to make a book into a movie adaptation, critics and the audience don’t seem to like those movies as much. Creating content based on the past ones ensures that Disney will at least have the old movies fan base to back them up.

Disney’s updates of old films are every Disney fan’s dream, and many are waiting in hopes that their favorite movie will get a remake or sequel that will be even better than the original. Hopefully, Disney will recreate all the classic movies so that the next generation of kids can experience the nostalgia we all feel when we see old Disney movies. Be on the lookout for these movies as they come out in the next few years!

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A Classic Remade