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Summer Plans for All Grades

Tiffany Chen, Staff Writer

As the semester is coming close to and end students start to plan out their summer. Some have busy schedules including internships and volunteering while others may have a relaxed and uneventful few months. Either way, summer is the time to unwind and catch up on all the episodes and movies missed throughout the school year.

Seniors are enjoying their last few days of high school, but after this summer, they finally become college students and begin their adult lives. The soon to be graduates will no longer have to worry about internships or summer classes. They can have a full three months to travel with their friends or relish in the feel of finally being an adult. Senior Evan McGuffin said, “I am so glad this is my first summer without summer school.”

Although seniors get to have a worry free summer, the rest of the school will have the dread of knowing that they need to get ready for college with applications or getting extracurriculars. Juniors will feel the pressure on them as the due date for college applications gets closer and closer month by month, but not to worry because applications will not take over the entirety of the summer. “I have nothing to do over the summer so I just sleep most of the time and watch anime,” says junior Jonathan Wang. While college is an important part of high school and life, students should still take a break from time to time.

The underclassmen summers are yet to be filled with all the stresses of their nearing adult lives. They get to enjoy it at a slower pace, taking a summer class to get ahead or even just going out with friends to the beach. “I will be enrolling in summer school and also spending time with friends,” planned sophomore Joseph Herrera. Productivity during the summer will help students be more acquainted with the transition of summer to the start of the school year. Having fun is great for the underclassmen since they have the time and will have jam-packed summers in the future.

As soon as finals are over, students can rejoice to the final bell indicating that school is over and summer has finally started. But we still have a few more weeks until then so good luck on finals and just remember that summer is just around the corner.

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The World Is Our Campus
Summer Plans for All Grades