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Sibling Relationships

Nicole Song, Staff Writer

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Having a sibling can be either an uplifting encouragement or a pure vexation. No matter whether your sibling is a boy or a girl, older or younger than you, he/she can be very annoying one day but considerate the other day. Will AHS students reveal whether they think their siblings are the best supporters or the most bothersome beings on Earth?

To debunk most people’s misconception of “siblings are annoying”, most AHS students find their siblings are supportive, some even look up to their older siblings as role models. For example, junior Katherine Wu, as the youngest out of the three siblings, believes that her “siblings are probably [her] role models. [She] looks up to them because the age gap between [her] and [her] siblings are so big.” Similarly, junior Kristen Halim also looks up to her brother a lot! She thinks “it’s refreshing to have someone [she] can speak to when [she] is struggling, or even talk about [their] similar music tastes.” To some people, like senior Krystie Chew, her sister is “someone [she] can actually trust to not just leave [her] behind one day.” Siblings is also very caring, not only when the moment you need them the most, but they often remind you of little things about life. Junior Doris Li’s sister reminded her by “forcing [her] to wear pants because it would be too cold,” warming up Doris’ body and heart. To sum up the bless ings of having siblings, junior Ghadir Saad thinks that having siblings “makes things so much more fun and [they] give the best advice!”

Yet some AHS students think their younger siblings are a purely annoying. According to junior Thomas Primicias, his younger brother “is the most annoying person in the world because [he loves] him so much which means [he] needs to look after him,” especially when he learned karate and he kicked others hardly. Another junior, David West, thinks his younger sister is irritating because she “does not do anything but talk with her friends when she is supposed to do homework.” and he has to keep looking out for her. The annoyance they felt is just the responsibility they face for taking care of siblings. Junior Adam Pon thinks that his younger brother, freshman Jayson Pon, “is supportive and mean” at the same time, as the acquaintance of siblings can be good and bad at the same time!
To sum up the feelings AHS students have for their siblings, most students think that their sibling is a huge support for them to continue their tough school work. Even though some students think that their siblings are annoying, that is all out of love and responsibility.

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Sibling Relationships